Job Posting

Location: Troy, MI

Job Description:

Mortgage Closers assemble, prepare and review critical closing documents for mortgage loans.  They assure that all agency and regulation compliance guidelines have been met to ensure that all loans are eligible for sale on the secondary market. The mortgage closer will interact successfully with mortgage underwriters, support staff, title agents and loan officers in the coordination of the delivery of closing documents to the closing agent for execution by the client.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Preparing all loan-closing documents, and ensuring that they are accurate to have a fully compliant mortgage loan
  • Carefully review all documents for any errors, and confirm that pricing and program are correct to insure loan will be funded
  • Act as the intermediaries between all parties in a real estate closing transaction. They communicate with the closing agents and loan officers to answer questions, resolve any issues, and coordinate the delivery of the documents before closing
  • Review all closing details to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and confirm all terms of the loan are met
  • Have a thorough understanding of all various loan types (Conventional, FHA, VA, RD)

General Requirements:

  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Ability to make independent judgement calls based on knowledge of federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Math/Calculation skills
  • Pipeline management experience
  • Good problem skills; ability to visualize a problem or situation and think abstractly to solve it
  • Ability to work with others without direct supervision

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • 2- year mortgage closing or related experience
  • 2 -year experience working on a mortgage loan origination system
  • Ability to work independently in a fast- paced environment, under minimal supervision
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to exhibit professional written and verbal communication always, with a customer-service focus
  • Ability to strive for excellence
  • Ability to demonstrate a high degree of business professional behaviors including punctuality, attendance, responsiveness and dependability.

This position is no longer available.